“I’ve never been interested in reproducing reality but sometimes my imagination is real”


Giulia Mazza is a photographer and visual artist based in Bologna.

In 2000 she won the “Corriere della Sera” scholarship at the Italian Photography Institute in Milan, from which she graduated in 2002.
Her visual language delves into the confused relationship between reality and subconsciousness, paying particular attention to the perception and interpretation of identity.
Fascinated by dressing up and the powers of narration that it brings, she often uses self-portraits with the sole intention of using them as a technical tool for creating personalities.
As well as photography she works on graphics and video.


I like to work on take-away DREAMS


Open for commissions in photography and artwork
giulia [at] giuliamazza.com

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 Exhibitions, Awards & Nominations

Taci, anzi parliamo: il femminismo è la soluzione – Intervento di arte pubblica su poster, Bologna 2022

LA GALLERIA NAZIONALE ROMA – “Burning hole in my pocket” finalist video of the call Shut up. Or rather, speak, 2020

LIFE FRAMER – Daylighted digital exhibition, 2019, various venues in the USA (group exhibition)

“BO it! Imagining Bologna, International illustration competition, 2019″, Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (group exhibition)

CHEAP – Street Poster Art Festival, curated by CHEAP, 2019, Bologna (group exhibition)

CHEAP – Street Poster Art Festival, curated by CHEAP, 2017, Bologna (group exhibition)

CHEAP – Street Poster Art Festival, curated by CHEAP, 2016, Bologna (group exhibition)

FOTOGRAFIA EUROPEA 2015 – SEZIONE OFF, curated by Sudio PianoBi, 2015, Reggio Emilia (personal exhibition)

MOY DOM 2015 – curated by NONAME SPACE, 2015, Milano design week (group exhibition)

REALITY MODE OFFcurated by ZOO, 2015, Bologna (personal exhibition)

SFMOMA Submission Friday – Selected 2014

Cheap – Street Poster Art Festival, curated by CHEAP, 2014, Bologna (group exhibition)

Americana , SPAZIO NASTRO SAY YES, curated by Galleria Disastro, 2012, Milano (group exhibition)

C’era una volta, VILLA IMPERO, curated by Gianluca Marziani, 2009, Bologna (group exhibition)

In Memory , VILLA BALDI SASSOLI, curated by Chiara Ronchini, 2009, Bologna (group exhibition)

Pictures of You, FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE DI FOTOGRAFIA, 2006, Roma (group exhibition)

Aural Sculpture(s), curated by Karin Andersen e Michele Mariano, 2005, Potenza (group exhibition)

Ravenna for Art, BIENNALE D’ARTE DI RAVENNA, curated by Scilla Cicognani, 2003 (group exhibition)